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They admit to being a bit envious of mothers with singletons, due to their seemingly effortless ability to get around with one child.
Mothers of multiples would sometimes rather not do something than pack everyone up in order to do it.
Many occasionally feel bored as a result of their inability to get out of the house as often as they once did.
Lots of them feel guilty for not doing enough with each child on an individual basis, or simply because they cannot do certain things with multiples.  As a result, they feel as if they are “cheating” their children.
They sometimes resort to using the television as a babysitter.
A number of them admit they are more addicted to pacifiers than their children.
They occasionally put their babies to sleep with a bottle full of milk or formula, knowing very well they shouldn’t do it.  They do this as a last resort once exhaustion has taken over and nothing else has worked in getting their babies to sleep.
Nearly all of them prop bottles, and have numerous techniques.  At the same time, they feel guilty about propping bottles.
Most find the dishwasher to be sufficient for cleaning bottles.
Some are embarrassed to admit this, but lots of them do it, and it saves them bundles of money:  They put formula back into the refrigerator if a baby takes a sip of his bottle and decides he doesn’t want any.  NOTE:  If you do this, be sure to replace the bottle top with a clean cap and nipple, and refrigerate it right away.  Feed the child with the same formula as soon as he’s ready for another bottle.  You might think this is not a possibility now, but just wait.  With multiples, this happens frequently.  Pouring formula down the drain!
To save time, they often use the same bowl and spoon to feed their multiples.  To simplify things even more, they also feed right out of the baby food jars, although baby books tell them not to.
They leave crumbs on the kitchen floor until the next meal.
It’s not uncommon for mothers of multiples to have a disorganized or unkempt home when company is not present.  I’ll never forget one Thanksgiving dinner at my house.  As soon as all of my company sat down to eat, my son asked, “Mommy, why is the house so clean?”  I was so embarrassed, I felt like crawling into the turkey!
They admit to taking the stress from their day out on their husband as soon as he walks through the door at the end of a workday.  Sometimes they give him five minutes and then unload!
While their children are babies, many would prefer to sleep than to be intimate with their spouses.
Many use prescription drugs to help them cope with stress, particularly during the infant stage.
They often don’t feel the need to change their children’s clothing if there are “only a couple of spots on it.”
They don’t always shower everyday, and shave even less frequently.
Some admit to having a “favorite.”  Some admit to having a favorite one month, and a different the next!
If you do any or all of these, don’t feel guilty.  You are not alone!

taken from
The Multiples Manual.
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