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Phone conversations with Other Moms

One I had today.

C: Well I didn't want Ike, Elli, or Gwen getting this bug, so that's why we aren't going anywhere.
Me: Ah, well, No biggie, it wouldn't have bothered me. Remember my philosophy: A challenged immune system is a healthy one.
C: Jen, that's psychotic.
Me: I don't know about that. The way I figure it is that when the pandemic finally hits, all those people who use all those annoying antibacterial products in their houses and on their kids*, their kids will get it and die. Mine will live. Their immune system is used to fighting stuff off.
C: That's a depressing way of thinking of things.

Now personally, I don't find that to be a depressing way of thinking of things. And I also didn't mind being called psychotic. My mom friends think I'm wierd for the way I do things**. I also like to view this conversation as "Why our kids are getting sick: Parent's just don't understand immune systems." Its conversations like this one that make me despair about the survival of Americans.

*C is one of these people. She even buys those really stupid antibacterial kleenexes. Oy!
** Like insisting that my kids eat healthy food and not get too much sugar and get plenty of unstructured outside playtime.
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