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Phone conversations with Other Moms: Part II

Same conversation, a few minutes later

*refering to the kids latest portraits*
C: I saw the kids pictures! Did you ever think that you would ever have such gorgeous children?
Me: Yes, yes I did.
C: *incredously* You did?
Me: Yes, I was a beautiful child and took great pictures. My mother was asked repeatedly to sign waivers so the photographer could display my pic.
C: You're kidding.
Me: Nope.

Now, this is the same woman who, upon her first visitation of the girls a few days after their birth, said, "Wow Jen, who'd of thought you'd have such beautiful girls?"

I love watching people give themselves athletes foot in their gumline.

This same person also said recently that Joe and I needed to create a tape for The Nanny. Needless to say, she was a bit abashed when my response to that comment was "Yea, I know. Joe and I are complete incompetents in raising our children."

And believe it or not, I do in fact, consider this fairly clueless person, one of my friends. She just has a tendency to eat her toes a lot.*

*Not that I will cast the first stone. I with, some regularity, chew on my toes as well (Although not nearly as oftern as I used to!). C's saving grace is that she usually recognizes her blunders. Its not recognizing them that I cannot tolerate.
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