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Bus Memories

Now many people know, I drove a bus in college. Yes, I do in fact know how to drive a London Double Decker bus. We imported them along with the mechanic. Being a part of Unitrans was actually a really good thing. In retrospect, it was similar to a fraternity/sorority. We had our hazing (you had to get your license), there was a hierarchy and it was a built in social scene. Once in, you had access to neat people, cool parties, and a common goal.

I was thinking about an incident that happened 13-14 years ago, and I realized that I should write some of these down. Its worth remembering.

Now, one of the bits of extra training you could volunterily sign up for was OTC's (Out of Town Charters).  As we were the cheapest game in town, many of UCD's Greek people would charter Unitrans buses for their Formals. The basic gig was driving really drunk people from Davis to some nice location/hotel (usually somewhere in Sacramento (20-30 mins away)) drop them off, go fart around for 4-5 hours, pick up people who are even more drunk/passing out and drive their drunk asses back to Davis. And get paid for the entire evening. Other than dealing with drunk stupid people (DSP) for 1-2 hours of the evening, it was easy money (the night usually ended up with 6-8 hours on the time clock). 

That being said, for the longest time, my best friend M and I were the only women who had the balls to drive OTC's. Most didn't want to deal with DSP's (who occasionally tipped $20.00 bills to make up for extra annoying passengers), their puke (at least one person for the night, thankfully never happened to me), or other bodily fluids (a lone beer bottle filled with piss comes to mind).  Needless to say, we developed a, somewhat, exaggerated reputation. This was not something we down played. We wanted them scared of us. 

Here's the memory for tonight: One OTC called for 3 busses. M was in the lead, I was in the middle, M's boyfriend P was bringing up the rear. DSP starting filing out of the frat house to the first bus. They took a look at who was driving, turned right around, and came to my bus, the about face was repeated, and the DSP's moved onto P's bus. This amused us greatly.  P's bus filled up first, then mine, then M's. And it was an uneventful night.
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