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Its getting quiet around here.

 Boy this post ought to get some responses.

So I'm noticing lately that its getting quiet around here.

Yes, I know that this seems like an insane statement given the fact that 3 munchkins live here.

But, no, seriously. Its been getting quiet. The rush and panic of having not one, but two babies around, is starting to fade. They don't need me as much. Believe it or not, I can leave these people alone in the backyard for some fairly significant amount of time, checking on the periodically, without much worry. They play together. (Currently they are playing in the dirt in the backyard.) How cool is that?

Its at time like this when I take a mental sigh and think. "Ya know, another baby would be nice. Its too calm."

I can just hear allanh yelling at his computer screen "WTF are you thinking Jen? Are you crazy?"

To which my response is. Yes, yes I am.

I should also point out that I say this after getting covered in vomit yesterday, not once, but twice.
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