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Musings on my state of health

So I've been gluten-free for almost 3 months. Its getting easier (Thank God for Trader Joe's Waffles!) although the cravings for PB & J on squishy white bread isn't going away. But I'm dealing.

I'm finding the longer I stay gluten free, the stronger my reaction to ingesting gluten is. It used to be, I'd get a headache that would last, say an hour or so. Now its the headache, EBS that lasts several days, and extreme fatigue the day after "glutening" myself. I don't mind the headache. Immodium cures the EBS, but that fatigue just kills me. I can't consume that much tyrosine or caffeine to counteract it.

I'm finding that I'm missing some obvious things. For example, I know I can't drink normal beer. It uses malt, which is barley which contains gluten. (distilled alcohol is fine) Now for the 17th I made my normal Corned Beef and Coleslaw dinner (I don't like cooked cabbage), wherein I cook the meat in....a bottle of beer! Which I did, without thinking. And it was wonderful. I didn't realize what I had done to myself until the next morning when an amazing case of EBS hit me. Argh!

Oh well, its a learning experience.

I'm still looking for a decent tasting sandwich bread.

I still want to find that gluten-free beer.
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