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Ganked from lysana

The Challenge: Assemble a superteam from your favorite books, films, TV shows, etc.(It used to say various fandoms, but it's all SF fandom to me except when it isn't.)

Your team must consist of the following:

(1) Team Leader
(1) Warrior
(1) Smartypants
(1) Hottie
(1) Comic Relief

All your superteam members must be from DIFFERENT sources.

Team Leader: Miles Vorkosigan (Vorkosigan Series by Lois McMaster Bujold)
Warrior: Alicia DeVries  (Path of the Fury by David Weber)
Smartypants: Doctor Who (#10 preferably, he doubles as the Hottie)
Hottie: Phedre no Delaunay (Kushiel's Legacy by Jacqueline Carey)
Comic Relief: Craig Ferguson (The Late Night Show)

I like this one, it made me think.
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