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Ike amuses me

So lately Ike has been on a Princess kick. Starting in February he started asking for Fairy Princess wings. So I went and bought them and a crown can't be a Princess without that crown. He was thrilled and danced all over this house wearing them.

He then promptly demanded Princess Dancing Shoes. That took a couple of days, but I found a used pair of red, sparkly, flat shoes ala Dorothy Gale. He loved them and went tromping around the house in those shoes driving us crazy with the noise.

Then came the request for a Princess Dancing Dress. Okay, no problem! Found a suitable (i.e. cheap, washable and worth saving for younger sisters use) dress and brought it home. Off came grungy boy clothes and on went this dress. I've got pictures of him climbing around his swing set dressed in this get up.

Okay, here's the kicker. I was telling this to my girlfriend BA who lives in Maine. She thought it was hysterical and wondered aloud where she could find a Princess dress to send him. I gave her a lead and off we went.

Yesterday. I had my friend R's little boy A over for the afternoon as she just had a baby 10 days ago (Bread on the water!). When we got home from the park there was a huge box waiting. Kicked the kids outside and opened it up. BA sent Ike his birthday present. Among the presents was (get this) the Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk. *snicker*snort*

I ripped that open immediately. Ike came in to see what the noise was. "Oh Mommy! Is that for me? Oh! Look at the dresses! Princess Dresses! And jewelery! And Princess Shoes!" Etc, etc. A on the other hand was looking at Ike gushing and asked "Don't you have any King dress up clothes?" So we compromised. A got the Crown, the jewelery, and a sword. Ike got the shoes.

Here's a pic of the happy couple.

You know? I can just hear allanh laughing and saying something like "That's my boy!"
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