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More adventures with Elli

Well, she didn't break anything this time.


Last night while attempting to copy Ike's jump, Elli fell down from the top of the play structure's ladder. She landed pretty good, arms out to protect her face, but of course lots screaming occured. I picked her up, gave her lots of love and when she calmed down a bit, put her back on the ground. Big mistake! Screaming renewed. After determining that she was protecting her right foot, I called Kaiser and got her an appointment. After taking X-rays nothing obvious is broken. Doctor told me to ice it down (uh-huh) and keep her off it (yea, right!). I've kept her doped up on Advil since and she's walking, with a limp, all over the place, and she even climbed back up that ladder.

That's my girl!
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