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I know I'm going to hear something like this someday

Transcript of a conversation between family members of a celiac mailing list.

Unaltered, for your reading pleasure (I'll video tape this someday,
to prove I'm not crazy), transcripts of a recent game between darling
hubby and the oldest son. I thought you guys, especially Phillip
would get a kick out of this:

Both: Rock, Paper Scissors, shoot!

Dad: Rock beats scissors, I win. Play again.

Both: Rock, paper -

Zion: Bomb. I win.

Dad: What??

Zion: A bomb kills you. I win.

Dad: Fine. Play again.

Both: Rock Paper Scissors

Zion: A bomb.

Dad: Black Plague. Black Plague kills more people than a bomb I win.

Zion: MOOOOOOOM! Does the Black Plague kill more people than a bomb?

Mom (drying hands on dish towel): What?? Why do you want to know that?

Zion: The Black Plague. Does it kill more people than a bomb?

Mom: Well it depends on the type of bomb and the containment of the

Zion: The bomb kills more people.

Dad: No it doesn't. You can defuse a bomb.

Mom: Well, you could exterminate the rats. Actually, though, you
don't want to do that too quickly, or the fleas will jump hosts from
the dead rats to the people and exacerbate the plague --

Dad (to Zion): I told you! The Black Plague kills more people. Play

Both: Rock Paper Scissors.

Zion: Celiac disease. I win.

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