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From the mouth of Ike

Conversation 1:

Ike: Mommy? You need to make me another baby!
Me: I need to make you another baby?
I: Yea. You need to make me another baby.
M: Okay, do you want a brother or a sister?
I: I want a sister!
M: You want another girl like Elli and Gwen?
I: NO!
M: Oh. So you want a little boy?
I: Yea, a brother.
M: Oy.

Conversation 2:
(Note: Ike has decided to start wearing underwear again and used the bathroom successfully all day.)

Me: Ike, did you pee on the floor when you were in time out?
I: No.
M: Okay. (I turn to leave the room)
I: I peed on the wall.
I stop, look. He did indeed pee on the wall. And there's a puddle on the floor.
M: Ike did you forget you could leave your room while in time out to go potty?
I: Yea.
M: *sigh* Okay Ike. My fault. I forgot to remind you. Just remember for next time okay?
I: Okay Mommy.
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