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Funny moments with Ike

So lately Ike hasn't liked my music choices in the car. He'll ask me to turn the radio off if something's on that he doesn't like. Today we were listening to one of the 2 country stations we can get, and one of my favorite performers came on. It was Toby Keith & Willie Nelson's "Whiskey for my men, beer for my horses" (yes that is in fact the title of the song) I looked at Ike in the conversation mirror and said "Oo! Its Toby, can I turn it up?" "Yea!" I jack up the volume a bit. I look back at him and he's rockin in his car seat obviously enjoying the music. "Is it too loud Ike?" "More" A few more notches with the volume. "How about this?" "MORE!" I crank it up a bit more and he starts to sing along. (Not that anyone can understand him talking, much less singing.)

I must say, this was too cute. And is the best indication I've had in a long time that I'm raisin' my kid right! =)

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