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A conversation about Ike

So Thursday night it was Open House at Ike's school. Joe and I met with the teacher, Miss Sue and Miss Inge (the speech pathologist). We were one of the few families to come from the pre-school program. So we got to have a nice long conversation with them about Ike.

It was really eye opening and odd for me to have someone sing Ike's praises and describe behaviors and characteristics I rarely see. Among the things she said:

-Ike's a natural leader
-Ike has the best vocabulary in his class (including the latest swear words)
-Ike is a great role model
-Ike is very smart (we knew that one)
-Ike loves books and gets upset when they are damaged.(this is new. this kid regularly throws books at the closed door in time out)
-Ike is hard to get to focus, but once there he does very well at any given task.
And the one that really got me.
-Ike is her most challenging student, but also her most satisfying.

She encouraged us to enroll Ike, not in preschool this summer, but in classes. Art classes, sports, manners (yes, manners. She had photocopies of the Parks and Rec classes for the nearest community center and they have an age appropriate class), dancing, day camps, etc, etc. We will see. For most of these classes a state completely potty trained is a requirement. He's almost there. Poor guy is trying so hard.

But what lovely things to hear!
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