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I think I finally found what's causing my migraines.

Vinegar based salad dressings. What a drag!

My head is killing me. The only thing that takes care of it is vicodin. Which is the first level of decent drugs I can take. Can't take either advil or aspirin while pregnant. But I can however take narcotics! Gotta love it.

So we had Ike's birthday party this morning. Okay, we had the loud one. Okay, the one with all the kids. 11 kids running around a park yelling, screaming, running, etc. I'm just glad it didn't happen at my house. Most of the mess stayed at the park. Ike is currently sleeping off the morning. Joe is outside with amanda's two kids (who are older and need more outside time) Me? I'm patiently waiting for the pain killer's to kick in.


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