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Fargin' Iceholes!

So I went out tonight with my Mom's group. We picked Pasta Pomodoro 'cause they really like Italian, and as they serve gluten-free pasta shells (the only shape that is gluten free, this is important, pay attention), I can eat there. No problem, I was a bit miffed that they picked an appetizer to share that I couldn't enjoy (how rude), but I got a salad and dug into my pasta when it showed up.

For the record, the pasta is really, really damn good. Best I've had yet. I asked about the brand. Its made for them by Barilla, but its only for commercial use. I can't get my hands on it. Grrr.

Anyway. My pasta. I was totally enjoying it until I got almost to the bottom of the bowl. Where I found normal pasta.


I asked for the manager and when he appeared I said, "I have Celiac's disease, it doesn't do me any good to serve me gluten free pasta when you contaminate it with normal pasta." He kinda mumbled a bit about, oh he's sorry, that happens, he can't really do anything about it, but he'll remove it from my bill. My response? "You have a contamination problem. You need to take care of it." And he just shrugged me off.

Last time I eat there!

The bonus? The receipt asked to call a number and fill out a survey. Let me tell you, they will get an earful!

Man, I got glutened the last time we went out. I'm going to start picking the places from now on. Sheesh!
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