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Stitching frustrations

So I've been carving out some time to stitch lately. Instead of reading at the gym while Ike plays I've been working on my stitching instead. Very relaxing and I've been enjoying it very much.

Last week I finished the very simple Christmas table topper I had been working on. So I went through my stash and pulled out a band sampler that I started at a class I took in February. Its an Amy Mitten Sampler entitled "Missing Persons No. 1018" (its actually a cool concept, almost all of her samplers are murder mysteries. If you look carefully at the bottom of the picture, you'll see the body buried in garden.) So on this sampler, you start in the middle (find the gargoyle, this practice is apparently different than usual. Band samplers usually have you start at the top. You'll find out why.) There's actually a really good reason for not starting in the middle the geometric shape right under the gargoyle utilizes Montenegrin Stitch. Which is a real pain in the ass. But it looks cool. This designer works under Rob French's attitude, get the hardest stuff done first, then you get lots of practice at it.

So anyways, I've been stitching along, finally figuring this bloody stitch out, enjoying myself immensely when I discovered tonight as I was about to stitch that gargoyle that I started in the wrong place. I've put in 25-30 hours on that crenelation. I am so disgusted. Now I'm stuck between the decision to rip it all out and start over, or ditching the linen and starting fresh. I don't think there's a way I can re-design the bloody thing. And I'm afraid if I rip all that stitching out I'll damage the linen. (Its almost worth ripping it out. Linen ain't cheap!) I am just soooooooo angry I cannot adequately describe it.

Needless to say I've put the sampler away until I can look at it objectively. Tears stain linen.

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