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A day at the beach

What a fucking mistake.

On the upside Ike had a wonderful time. He was well behaved, played in the sand, with his friends, and in the water. I couldn't have asked for a better time with him.

His sisters on the other hand...

Okay, to start. Three kids and 1 adult is a LOT of stuff to drag to the beach. My stroller was completely full. Did you know that strollers don't move on the sand? No. The sink and then are stuck. It took Ike and me pulling on the damn thing to get it out somewhere decent. Then the sunscreen. Oy! I got a new brand of spray on sunscreen. I hate it. What is the point of a spray on sunscreen that you have to rub in? You are supposed to be able to spray and go. Took forever to get all three of them greased up. Hats on everyone. Wait, Where's Gwen's hat? No where to be seen (eventually found on the floor at home)Crap. Come back you need your faces greased up now too. And the sand is powdery. I'm still covered.

Anyway. Go play with the water, dig in sand, other people finally show up. Blah, blah, blah.

After about an hour and a half, Gwen starts crying for a bottle. I give her a bottle of Kool-Aid. No go, she wants a going to sleep bottle with milk. I didn't bring any. She proceeds to cry non-stop for about an hour. Ike and Elli play happily, but once Elli starts crying too I give up.

Pack up the stroller, drag it across the sand (with adult help this time!) with 2 little crying girls following. I have so much stuff there is no way in hell I can put them in the stroller and carry crap. And I can't carry them and push the stroller too. Once on a stable surface helping adult leaves. We start to walk back to the car. Kids get distracted by the arcade and run inside. I grab the leashes I keep in my diaper bag (Yes I do in fact have leashes for all three kids, comes in handy once in awhile.), and put them on little girls. Who start to cry loudly. I try and cross the street, pushing an overloaded stroller, following a small, sand encrusted boy who's clad only in a swim trunks, and dragging two hysterically crying little girls on leashes behind me.

It was not a pretty sight.

Thank the gods for the Good Samaritan who offered to help! Nice lady came up and offered to help and she pushed the stroller the two (short) blocks to the car, while I carried the little girls.

I got everyone and everything in the car in short order, gave everyone something to drink, and sat down into the driver's seat so I can drive home.

And on the windshield? A damn parking ticket!

Last time I try this stunt by myself!
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