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Followup thoughts on Formula

Okay, that rant over I should make some remarks on Formula feeding.

In some cases, I think some women give up breastfeeding too damn easily. I think most aren't given enough support by family, friends, society at large (remember that modesty statement?) I think some women aren't given enough support from Doctors who with hold drugs that can help increase milk supply.

Some women (like the lady in the "My Turn" essay in this weeks Newsweek) deserve all the damn kudos in the world 'cause she went through hell for that first month trying and it just didn't work. (Although, there's that small nipple nazi in me that says she should have supplemented for a couple of weeks and then tried again, but hey, not my decision) And she is right. Formula is Fine.

But its not Best.

My twins were exclusively Breastfed for their first 12 weeks. But not all of it came from me. One of my other Mom friends D, gave me her entire frozen supply of breastmilk from when her son spent the first 8 weeks of his life in the NICU. She breastfed him afterwards and she never used the frozen stuff. So she gave it to me, rather than let it go to waste. And I was (still am!) grateful. It broke my heart to realize that I just couldn't keep up with 2 babies demands for milk. So I gave them formula, as well as breastmilk .

Do I feel guilty about it? You better believe it. I still do. I'm convinced its why Gwen has digestive problems. And I'm sure its why the girls get every single virus that goes around. Ike never gets sick. And he breastfed until recently. Elli weaned herself at around 11 months and Gwen by 14 months (although I encouraged it 'cause that's when I started taking amino acid supplements that she didn't need)  I wish I had found the drugs before I gave up and gave them formula.

But at least for next time, I know.
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