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Better Beach Experience

Today was a day in Monterrey with my Monday Playgroup. (Different one than the one I usually talk ab/*-out) We had a great day.

First we met at a Starbucks and then caravaned down. I got separated from the group, but since I knew where we were going, it was okay. And just to make things interesting, I was driving my friend R's truck. (She borrowed our van to go to Disneyland because they were taking her twin sisters and the truck would not seat all of them.) Which I don't like hauling 3 kids in. Its next to impossible to get the kid (Ike) in the middle buckled in in a time period short of a millennium. But I did like the Sirius radio. I must think about that. So we met at Denis the Menace Park. I've never been there before. And I will be stopping there next time we go to the Aquarium. Wonderful, huge and really neat park. Kids had a blast. We played and had lunch.

After about 2.5 hours we packed up and went to the beach at Lovers Point in Pacific Grove (15 minute drive). This is a wonderful beach. The cove is protected from most of the violence of the bay, so the waves come in pretty gentle. The sand was like a sandbox, medium grit, not the powder of Santa Cruz Beach. Its not a hike and a half from the sidewalk to the water. The sand is pretty shallow. However, if you are dragging a stroller, you have to walk all the way around it to the far side of the cove to get down to the beach. But it was still a short walk on sand. Wonderful! Kids loved the water. I was constantly dragging little girls back to the beach, yelling at Ike that he was in too deep. But it was good and fun. I also didn't drag nearly as much stuff as I did last time, which helped alot. Even  though I forgot towels and suits. Oh Well! After about 2 hours I could tell that the kids were done as they were cranky and not fit for polite company. We trudged back to the truck and came home. Ike fell asleep after about 2 blocks. Elli and Gwen collapsed later, and everybody slept on the way home.

We are tired, hungry, full of sun, a little crispy on the edges but not burnt (I ran out of sunscreen), and it was a good experience. I'm willing to try dragging them to the beach again someday.
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