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I hate my cat

Okay, so this hasn't been a good stitching week.

After discovering that I can't start a sampler correctly, I pulled a ribbon embroidery piece from my stash. I didn't like an instruction provided on how to exectue a stitch, so I go to my stitching reference library to find another. And there, I discovered that my cat, Harley, has been peeing on the books.

I had discovered that he had been peeing next to the bookcase earlier in the week, but I thought the books were fine. WRONG!!!! I've had to throw out 7 paperback books (1 quilting, 1 stumpwork, 4 ribbon embroidery, 1 celtic knotwork and 1 sampler motif book) and I'm still trying to decide if the really expensive Jane Nicholas Stumpwork books are salvageable. (The covers were the only things that got hit, except for 2 pages in one book) This cat is driving me insane! This is the second time I've had to throw out about $100.00 in books! (The first time was a bunch of Ike's story books)

I think this latest incident has solidified our resolve to find Harley a new home. He's not a bad cat (book destroying habits aside) he's just not adjusting to being a cat in a family with young children. We never had any problems with him when he was an "only child", we had a few problems when we bought another cat (who is much more mellow and likes having kids around), but since we brought Ike home, its been nothing but problems. And we've tried everything, getting him checked out to see if its physical (it was once), changing litter boxes, increasing the attention we give him, keeping Ike away from him, and isolating him. We are out of options I think. We need to find him a new home. I think he'll be happier back in a situation where he's an only again, with no small children. *sigh*

Anybody want a cat?


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