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Whoops! She Did It Again!

So I'm outside reading a book, and I notice there are no kids in the back yard. I put the book down, and start to walk inside. As my foot hits the living room carpet I hear a large THUMP and then shrill screaming. Shit.

I'm met in the kitchen by a screaming and possibly bloody Elli. Hard to tell, they had pizza for dinner and there's sauce all over her. So I take her into her room, plop her on the changing table, shine the light on her lip. A little cut, no biggie. I clean her face up. I change her diaper 'cause she's there. I then shine the light closer onto her face and take a closer look at the cut. Not to big, oozing a little bit of blood. I look in her mouth to make sure she didn't chip a tooth and I discover a matching cut on the inside of her mouth. She put tooth through her lip again!

At least this time it's a clean cut and not the hamburger it was last time. And since she's got a current tetanus (2 weeks ago) so no trip to the hospital this time. Yea for me!
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