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What a Day!

Background story.
My grandparents were supposed to come down to visit us yesterday and give us some apricots from their tree. In the morning, my Gram called and said that they weren't coming down as Papa was in the hospital. His heart was bothering him again, but he should be okay. This isn't the first time he's landed in the hospital because of his heart, no biggie.

So as I was getting ready to leave the house for the gym this morning, I get another call from Gram. She said that my Dad was driving her to the hospital because the Doctor just called and told her that he's much worse and that she should start calling everyone who wants to say goodbye as he doesn't have much time left. Oh SHIT!

I call Joe, no answer on his phone. I call my mom, she offers to leave work to watch the kids so I can go say goodbye. I told her that Dad already offered. I start to pack a bag just in case we stay the night. Joe calls, I fill him in, and tell him that I'm about to walk out the door for the gym as I haven't had a shower yet. He tells me he'll meet me at home by the time I'm done.

I go to the gym. There are, I swear, 3000 kids in the kids area. Takes forever to get the kids checked in, I run down the halls to the locker and run into several of my friends from one of my Mom's groups (Not the people you are pissed at Allan). T- sees me and sees the tears and asks if I'm okay, and I said no and filled her in. She gave me a hug and offered to pray for me. (Did I mention that this group is associated with a church?) I thank her, and run into the shower. As I'm drying off a couple of the other moms comes in and asks if they can take the kids for the day or if there was anything else they could do. What wonderful people! I'm very lucky.

Blah, blah, blah. Meet Joe at home, drive to hospital. Well, grab food, drop Joe and kids at a park across the street (this was a much nicer park when I was a kid. Nicely shaded, more interesting play structures) I walk  to the hospital. Meet my Dad in the 3rd floor lobby. Walk into the CCU.

Pop looks HORRIBLE. Tubes and monitors and things that go PING! His arms are covered in tubes and bandages. A tube in his nose and one in his mouth (respirator). I've visited him in CCU before, but he's never looked this bad. He woke up when I came in and his eyes lit up and he smiled at me. I told him that he's looked better, he kinda laughs. I visit for a little bit 'cause I didn't want to wear him out. He asks for a kiss, I give him a kiss and tell him I love him, and he mouths back to me "I Love you, Jennifer." I leave and cry on my Dad's shoulder.

I talked to my Dad, he filled me in on the Dr's report. At that point, Pop had a 50/50 chance of making it. His heart is just giving up. But he could rally, again, and walk out in a couple of weeks.

Blah, blah, blah. We keep the kids contained entertained for the afternoon in 100 degree weather. Bleh. We go to Gram's house, watch a little TV. Talk to my mom, have dinner with her and take the kids swimming. Pack up, run back to Grams to get stuff we left. Get latest update. Pop's heart is failing. Its not fully pushing the blood from the chambers and letting blood back in, its getting weaker and weaker. The Doctor doesn't think Pop will come home this time.

We drive home. I finish this up, and then I'm going to go fall on my face and die for a few hours before I return tomorrow.

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