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Update on Papa


My mom knew she would get off work after a half day, so she agreed to sit on watch Ike for the day. Joe would stay home from work with the girls. Okay, back to Concord!

Ike and I drove up to Fremont so we could catch BART. Yea, I can do the drive, but my hands already hurt, so its worth the $10.20 for a round trip ticket (Ike's still free. I might have to think about this later, when he's not.) BART'ed up to Oakland, met my Mom at a transfer station, and continued to Concord. Then we went to the Hospital. My Aunt Julie was with Pop, keeping him company. We chatted for a bit, then she showed me something my Uncle Barry brought Papa that morning. It was the better half of a large cut crystal margarita glass. It was attached to an unfinished wooden base. Looked silly. I thought about it, held it up and asked Pop. "Is this the one I broke 15 years ago?" He grinned and nodded. Not bad for my Uncle. Only took 15 years to fix something.

Pop looked much better. Color was better, less tubes, no IV. He was still on the respirator but it was only doing 40% of the job. While I was there, the respiratory therapist came by and shut it off completely. So Pop was breathing on his own. Yea for him! Aunt Julie went to grab lunch and I keep Pop company until my Gram and Dad showed up. Gram stayed with Pop, and Dad and I went downstairs so I could eat too.

Back from lunch we find out that instead of having the respirator removed while we were gone like we expected, we were told that Pop now had an infection in his lungs and the respirator had to stay in until it cleared up. Great. He's coughing a lot, so the respirator is really hampering him.

Spent the afternoon in the waiting room with my family. I popped in to hold Pop's hand a few times. We left at 6:30 so he could rest, I could go home, and family could get dinner.

Trip home was uneventful. Just seemed to take frippin' forever.

We still don't know if Pop is coming home or not.
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