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The Great Gluten-Free Oreo Wanna-Be Taste Off!

Okay, so I've been DYING for Oreos. Love them. I'm afraid to buy most pre-made gluten-free food because nine times out of ten...they end up being a disappointment, and worse, waste of money.

But I've been getting desperate, so I ordered a box of each brand of Oreo wanna-be's from
Joe* and I tasted each and here's the results

Candidate #1 Glutano Chocolate O's $3.89 for 6.16 oz of cookies
Jen: Texture is okay, the chocolate flavor is wrong, getting alcohol overtones. Not good. Dunking in milk does not improve anything
Joe: Not Oreo like at all.

Candidate #2 Mi-Del Chocolate Sandwich Cookie $3.29 for 8 oz of cookies
Jen: This one at least looks like an Oreo. Flavor is okay. Texture is completely wrong, its very tough and hard to chew. Improved after long milk bath.
Joe: Interesting. Funky texture, its chewy.

Candidate #3 Kinnitoos $5.25 for 7oz of cookies
Jen: Texture is dead on. Flavor is close, not chocolatey enough. Great Dunkability!
Joe: We may have a winner here. The filling is pretty good too.

I won't be buying the first two again. The Kinnitoos are very close, and ease that Oreo craving. Luckily they also make a fake Golden Oreo too. Woo Hoo!

Now keep in mind that an 18 oz package of Oreo's currently cost $4.19 at Safeway. ($2.50 if you can find it on sale) The normal price of  an equivalent amount of the Kinnitoos is more than three times the cost**. Ouch. I won't be buying these too often.

*Joe is not a big fan of Oreos but gallantly willing to help out
**Kinnitoos works out to $0.75 per ounce. That amount times 18 is $13.50.Or (for you math geeks)  ((5.25/7)*18)=13.50
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