aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

Gluten-Free baking experiment #1

Okay, so I've not yet found an already produced gluten-free bread that's worth using as roofing tiles, much less eating. I'd been advised that if I want something that tastes halfway decent, I'd have to bake it myself.

Since it was friday, and its pizza night and the oven was already going to be on, I decided to bake my first loaf of bread. It was easy to slap together, but it was unlike any bread dough I've ever worked with. It looked more like chocolate chip cookie dough without the chocolate chips. It baked up really pretty and actually tasted pretty good.
It was a bit too chewy for PB&J. Although I think a thinner slice of bread would work better. I sliced it up and froze what I didn't eat. It will be a test to see how it fares after freezing and used for sandwiches. But at the very least it was a good first attempt.
Tags: food

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