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Have a Nice Day


Today is Joe and my's 13th anniversary! And I can honestly say that I have enjoyed almost every minute of it (there were a few moments whilst in Labor that I didn't quite enjoy much)

Happy Anniversary Love!

So I've been too sick to notice

Nasty cold going around here thanks to allanh . And I totally forgot what today was until after the grocery shopping and I noticed the date on the receipt.* I'm glad to say that after 11 years and 4 kids, I still am deeply in love with my best friend, and still eternally happy that he was standing at the altar when they opened the door. (And joedecker wasn't even holding him up)

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart.

Now, I'm off to find something hot to drink, my fever just broke and I'm FREEZING!!!!

* Which is fine, Joe forgot too until his parents reminded him.

Tempus Fugit

I cannot believe its been 10 years.

10 years ago, I married the most wonderful man in the Universe. And better yet, he married me!  I cannot imagine life without him. I'd like to spend more mornings waking up with him...but eventually the kids will grow up and learn to sleep in their own beds, and then I'll have him all to myself again. But until then, I have the best companion I could ever have imagined walking with me on the path of life.

Its been a wonderful ten years...and I'm looking forward to the next decade, and the many decades after that.

I love you dearest!

Happy Anniversary!

To my Dearest Duncan!

Nine years ago, about this time, wearing these same pajamas, I sat in a hotel room with close family and friends getting my hair and makeup done. Everyone kept remarking that I was the calmest bride they'd ever seen. When someone asked why I wasn't freaking out, I responded "The only thing I care about today is that at the end of the day I'm married to the most wonderful man in the world. All the rest is just a bonus."

You're still the most wonderful man in the world. I'd marry you all over again in a heartbeat. And I love you.

My feet hurt. =)